Our Values

We can only do ministry that really matters when we define what really matters. Our values drive our culture, mission, and vision. They motivate us, on the deepest level, and they’re our filters for decision-making and springboards for action, constantly reminding us what is most important.


The gospel is good news–for the individual, the church, and the world–to the glory of God! God creates, sin breaks, Jesus saves, Jesus transforms, and God restores. This true story changes our eternity, while also impacting every moment we live. We make much of Jesus, seeking to live and love as He did, so more people can know Him. It’s foundational to everything we are and everything we do.


Since our beginning in 1943, our official name is “The City Bible Center,” flowing out of a passion to see the greater Charleston area saturated with the gospel and flourishing in all aspects of life. By grace, we’re becoming a movement that loves our city, is for our city, and will work alongside the people of our city to make Charleston a thriving place where hope is found, love is practiced, and people are valued as God’s image-bearers.


Church at its core is about relationship. Because all believers are God’s children (brothers and sisters in Christ), we share the same Father. As broken people who have been adopted by God, we treat each other as treasured family members. We go out of our way to love, help, and pray for each other, inspiring one another to love and good works.


Jesus personified generosity. We have a growing awareness of all Christ gave up for us, knowing that we did nothing to deserve it. Life from death, freedom from bondage, and healing from brokenness all come from God’s great love for us. Everything we have is evidence of God’s grace in our lives; therefore, God invites us to steward resources for His glory. We joyfully give more of our time, our abilities, our money, and our encouragement out of love for the One who gave all for us. For us, generosity is the natural response.


As the Master Teacher, Jesus invites us to continually learn. While we teach our children, our neighbors, and our friends, the Bible must teach us. As maturing followers of Jesus, we are thirsty to learn more of what God has said and we are increasingly eager to submit our lives to the truth found in His Word. We believe that when we live life by God’s design and see the world from His perspective, we find our deepest joy.


Jesus calls us to grow. As we follow Him throughout our lifetime, the gospel shapes how we live. It draws us nearer to God as we are changed through His Word and nearer to each other and as we are molded into a community of God’s people. The outcome is that we reflect God’s heart for the world more and more and that we seek to love people the way Jesus does. We want everyone to know Jesus and experience the hope He brings to life!


God is the author of creativity. The beauty and wonder of what He has made is seen in everything around us from our rolling hills and winding rivers to the incredible people with whom we live, work, and play. It all inspires us to dream, design, create, and innovate so we can continue proclaiming the gospel as it is, to people as they are, in ways everyone can understand, believe, and share.