Core Classes

Rejuvenate your spiritual life. Share your faith more easily! And dig deeper into the Bible!

Bible Center offers core classes to:

  • Continue forming and building our foundation and direction around Scripture
  • Help believers to become faithful disciples established in the faith and to be fruitful witnesses equipped to do ministry.

We offer:

  • 2 one-night intensives per year
  • 2-3 six-to-ten-week classes per year (offered at multiple times on Thursdays)

Classes Topics Include:

  • How to Study Your Bible
  • The Gospel
  • Prayer
  • Spiritual Growth and Renewal
  • How to Reach Your Neighbor
  • Developing a Theological Vision
  • Bible Study Methods
  • Worship
  • Biblical Doctrines
  • Reaching the City
  • and More…

2019 Class Schedule

God speaks and it changes everything!  He speaks to our problems, our pains, and our greatest needs.  Are you listening? 

Choose a time that fits your schedule: 6:15 AM, Noon, or 6:15 PM

Feb 7 – Ch. 1, 2, 7
Canonicity, Inspiration, Inerrancy

Feb 14 – Ch. 3, 4
Authority, Sufficiency

Feb 21 – Ch. 5, 6
Centrality, Spirituality

The way we think about God is the most important thing about us.  Can He be truly known?  Can He be trusted?  Does He care?

Choose a time that fits your schedule: 6:15 AM, Noon, or 6:15 PM

Mar 14 – Ch. 8, 11
Knowability, Nature

Mar 21 – Ch. 9, 13
Incommunicable Attributes

Mar 28 – Ch. 10
Communicable Attributes

1-Day Core Class Intensive
Friday, April 12, 2019 // 6:30-9 PM

God spoke it all into being and sustains every molecule and solar system.  How can everything be so beautiful and broken at the same time?

Angels, Demons, The World, Man (Dignity and Depravity) – Ch. 12, 14, 15, 16, 17

Everything in all of human history points to the Messiah.  How has He changed the world, everything in it, and me? 

Choose a time that fits your schedule: 6:15 AM, Noon, or 6:15 PM

Apr 25 – Ch. 18
The Person of Christ

May 2 – Ch. 19
The Offices of Christ

May 9 – Ch. 20
The Work of Christ

May 16 – Ch. 21
The Work and Glory of Christ

The Holy Spirit is real, active, and fully God.  What is the role of the Holy Spirit in creation, conviction, Christian growth, and the church?

Choose a time that fits your schedule: 6:15 AM, Noon, or 6:15 PM

Sept 5 – Ch. 18
The Person of the Holy Spirit

Sept 12 – Ch. 19, 20
The Work and Gifts of the Spirit

Sept 19 – Ch. 35, 36
Nature, Purpose, and Marks of The Church

Sept 26 – Chs. 37-43 
Discipline, Offices, Sacraments

No sin is too great and no person is too broken for the saving work of Jesus.  How does an act from 2000 years ago change my today?  How does saving faith continue to daily transform me?

Choose a time that fits your schedule: 6:15 AM, Noon, or 6:15 PM

Oct 17 – Ch. 25
Redemptive Old Testament Historical Narrative, Prophecy

Oct 24 – Ch. 26, 27
The Work of the Cross

Oct 31 – Chs. 28-31
Applications of the Cross

Nov 7 – Chs. 32-34
Life at the Foot of the Cross

1-Day Core Class Intensive
Friday, November 15 // 6:30-9 PM

He is coming back!  One day all will be made new.  Are you ready for that day?

  • Personal Eschatology – Death, Intermediate State
  • Cosmic Eschatology – Return of Christ, Resurrection, Judgment, New Creation (Chs. 44-50)
In addition to the class materials provided, this class explores and refers to 50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith by Gregg Allison.

Core Classes & Materials

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