Child Dedication

Sunday, March 20, 2022

 5:00-6:00 PM
Reception for parents dedicating their children

6:00-6:15 PM
Child dedication will be held at the beginning of the Member Meeting. Families may stay for the remainder of the meeting or take their children home at that time.

What is Child Dedication?

Child Dedication services are uniquely special for our members and their guests. Child Dedication at Bible Center is now held on Sunday evenings, twice per year in conjunction with our spring and fall Member Meetings, and has a three-fold purpose:

  • Parents dedicate their child(ren) to God.
  • Parents dedicate themselves to raising their child(ren) in obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • As fellow members (or members-in-process), the Bible Center membership commits to helping parents raise their children within our covenant community.


Why Sunday Evenings?
Several times per year, the Bible Center membership enjoys Member Meetings. Those who have committed to membership come together to pray, thank God for his goodness in the past, and look forward to the road ahead. Hosting Child Dedication at the beginning of these meetings allows us to genuinely fulfill our three-fold dedication goals listed above.
Why can only members dedicate their children at Child Dedication?

Bible Center Church loves all children! Whether it be our: Sunday services, Wednesday programs, family community outreaches, Trunk or Treats, Easter Egg Hunts, playgrounds, ball fields, bike park, facilities, or school… We do everything with kids in mind.

However, for us, the Child Dedication service is more than simply praying for children. It involves each gospel-believing, covenant member dedicating himself/herself to partner with the parent(s) to raise the child in the faith. This level of commitment is difficult to express on a Sunday morning and more meaningfully expressed through committed church membership.

Additionally, stay tuned for a special all-child prayer service on October 2, 2022 (Right to Life Sunday) where all children will be brought into the Worship Center to be prayed for and over.

What if I'm not a member but want my child prayed for?

Please let us know! Contact our Early Childhood Director, Julianna ( to arrange for a pastoral meeting and prayer with you and your child. We love these special, intimate times of prayer and getting to know you!

Additionally, mark your calendar for a special all-child prayer service on October 2, 2022 (Right to Life Sunday) where all children will be brought into the Worship Center to be prayed for and over.

What can my child and I expect at the Child Dedication?
After you register for dedication, our Early Childhood staff will respond right away with the details of a special reception at 5 PM on Sunday, March 20.

At the reception, you’ll enjoy refreshments and receive tools to equip you on your journey. After a brief break, you, your child, and all those dedicating their children will join the Member Meeting (6 PM) for a brief and meaningful Child Dedication service with your fellow members and any guests who you’d like to attend.

Pastor Matt and others will pray with you, and the congregation will stand in commitment to helping you raise your child in the faith. These are beautiful services that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

By around 6:15, this portion of the evening will conclude and the remainder of the member meeting will continue. You’re welcome to stay; however, after a busy evening, we understand that most will need to get their little ones home.

What if I'm a member but can't make this particular Child Dedication?
Mark your calendar for our next Child Dedication service on Sunday, September 25 (5:00-6:15 PM).
How can I become a member at Bible Center Church?

Membership here is a 3-step process:

  1. Take the membership class.
  2. Complete an application (so we can be sure to have your most up-to-date information)
  3. Pastor Mike Graham will follow up to hear your story of how you came to faith in Jesus and how we can best care for you.

Find out about the next Membership Class on Friday, February 25.