What is Vision 23/24 all about?

This year’s theme, God’s Timeless Word, focuses on being in the Bible—reading and understanding God’s Word. This booklet explores ministry initiatives geared toward getting the Bible out, personal initiatives geared toward hiding His Word within us, our values as a church, HABITS for growth, and four objectives that we believe God’s calling us to do this year.

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Summary of 2023 Objectives

Objective 1

focuses on reading, studying, understanding, and applying God’s Word to our lives as we challenge and equip people to “Be in the Bible.”

Objective 2

answers the question, “How do I grow as a follower of Jesus at Bible Center?” Throughout this year, we will introduce value-based HABITS to provide measurable steps for growth—including 6 habits you can implement in your own life that will help you grow in Christ.

Objective 3

calls us to fund the proclamation and provision of God’s Word as we seek to replace the speakers in both our Southridge and Oakhurst auditoriums. We will also partner with Jack and Suzie Russell to translate the Bible into the Simba language. This is an incredibly exciting endeavor!

Objective 4

addresses our leadership model. We will evaluate and update our leadership model through the lens of Scripture to ensure we are functioning both Biblically and strategically as we move forward.

God’s Timeless Word

Do you ever find it hard to stay in the Bible? Is it hard to understand? How do we cultivate a posture of humble submission to God’s Word? The habit of consistently reading the Bible has the greatest impact toward Christlikeness in the life of a Christian. This year, we’ll focus on tools, resources, and practical tips to help us read our Bibles more faithfully and with greater understanding. Let’s jump in together!

Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Thread Between | Exploring God’s faithfulness and our response to it.

Sermon Series

Be in the Bible

Resources for reading and understanding God’s Word.

Sermon Series

Family Nights

Learn how to study your Bible through this special course being held one Wednesday each month.