You can read through the entire Bible in one year! You can do it!

Join our Lead Pastor and the entire Bible Center family in reading through The One year Chronological Bible. In as little as 8-15 minutes per day, we’ll get a fresh look at the entire Bible in order of events as they happened.


  • Checking this off your bucket list, “I read through the entire Bible!”
  • Leaving behind a deeper legacy for your children and grandchildren.
  • The impact this will have on your entire life: your marriage, your family, your career, and your outlook.

This isn’t another New Year’s resolution; it’s a lifestyle change. According to Psalm 1:1-3, meditating on God’s Word is the key to a flourishing life.

Your church family is here to help you! Matt Garrison, our Online Pastor is here to help you! Through social media and regular conversations, you’ll have all the accountability and support you’ll need to start well and finish well!

We’ll all use the NLT reading schedule (to stay on the same page); however, feel free to use whatever translation you prefer, in either the Bible app or with your own hard-copy Bible.