Friday, September 17 | 6:30-9:00 PM | Room 3105/06

Join our pastors and staff for our multi-session Membership Night! Register today

What is Membership Night?

It’s a peek behind the curtain at our core beliefs, discipleship mission, gospel vision, strategic plan, core values, staff team, and ministry practices.

What will I experience?

We’ll answer your questions and get to know each other. It’s essentially a time for you to interact with our staff and others considering membership.

How will I benefit?

You’ll know the ins and outs of Bible Center Church. As questions arise later, you’ll have a clear path on where to find the answers. More importantly, others will benefit from your involvement.

Will I be “put on the spot” to join?

Not at all. We realize Bible Center Church isn’t for everyone and we are happy to be in a community with other gospel-centered churches. However, we will encourage everyone to find a church that fits them, to become a member, to plant deep roots, and to commit for a really, really long time. The good news is that—if you do decide to join our membership—you will have already completed the required class!

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