God’s Timeless Word

As followers of Jesus, the most important thing we do is to “be in the Bible.” What we believe and value determines how we live.

Our theme for 2023-24 is “God’s Timeless Word.” We’re focusing on being in the Bible—reading and understanding God’s Word. Will you join us?

The Bible Recap

The Bible Recap is a short podcast/video (8 minutes per day) and book (2 pages per day). It summarizes the day’s Bible reading in a casual, easy-to-understand way to not only help you read scripture but to love reading it!

The YouVersion Bible App

Read the Bible on YouVersion’s free app. Subscribe to reading plans and complete on your own or with friends. Compare version, highlight verses, or bookmark passages.


Your Own Plan

Choose a study Bible or guide that you’d like to use. Many resources are available—in both print and digital versions—online or in local book stores.

Bible Center’s D-Group (Discipleship) Journals are also available from the Info Desk in the Lobby.