Holy Moses: the Adventure of Friendship with God!

Morning Series begins December 28

The Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.Exodus 33:11

MosesThere are few treasures in life quite like friendship. Friendship is to be valued and cherished. Who of us is not indebted to our loyal friends? But there is no friendship in life to be coveted like friendship with God! Moses related intimately with God. Through Jesus Christ we can share in friendship with God. Moses leads us into deeper levels of relating to God. His life, with all of its twists and turns, has much to teach us about deepening our relationship with the Living God! In this new series, we’ll move into 2015 trekking through his life. We’ll work on our friendship with God! Moses’ extraordinary life will move us to consider our own relationship with Him. He has much to teach us about knowing God and pursuing Him through a life of service. Join the adventure with us!

  • December 28 – Introducing Holy Moses: The Legacy of Divine Friendship!
  • January 4 – The World Needs God’s Friends (Exodus 1)
  • January 11 – Friendship’s Greenhouse: The Home & Life (Exodus 2)
  • January 18 – The Invitation To Adventure (Exodus 3)
  • January 25 – How Friendship With God Stretches Us (Exodus 4)
  • February 1 – The Challenge and Hope of Friendship (Exodus 5-6)
  • February 8 – God Shows Himself Through Our Friendship (Exodus 7-10)
  • February 15 – God Saves His Friends (Exodus 11-12)
  • March 1 – Friendship Involves Parties & Protection (Exodus 13-14)
  • March 8 – What a Friend We Have In Moses! (Exodus 15)