Matt Garrison • Pastor of Student Ministries

He Did What?

Events from the Life of Jesus

Monday: The man born blind (part 1)

John 9:1-41

This is a very interesting event in the life of Jesus. Jesus and His disciples are walking and they notice a man who was born blind. They ask if this happened because of the parents’ sin or his sin. Jesus responds by telling them that it wasn’t anyone’s sin that caused this but so that God’s power could be seen. Jesus then spits on the ground, makes mud, and puts it on the man’s eyes. He tells the man to go wash and he does and comes back seeing! This was indeed a miracle, which is one of the reasons Jesus came to earth. He came to bring healing to the hurting. How many of us are hurting? If we are, then let’s go to Jesus to find healing for the hurts.

For Today: Pray and give your hurts to Jesus.

Tuesday: The man born blind (part 2)

John 9:1-41

One of the most recognizable parts of this event (if you have heard this story before) is when the man born blind responds to the Pharisees about if Jesus was a sinner. He stated, “I don’t know if he is a sinner. Here’s what I know: I once was blind but now I see!” That’s all he knew. How many times have we shied away from talking about Jesus because we were afraid we didn’t have all the answers? May we be reminded from this account that we don’t have to have all the answers of those who ask us questions about our faith. We simply need to tell them what we know, what we’ve experienced with Jesus. “I once was blind, and now I see!”

For Today: May we understand that we don’t have to have all the answers about Jesus to begin having conversations with those who don’t know Him Tuesday

Wednesday: Jesus and the Paralyzed Man (part 1)

Mark 2:1-12

Here is another great event in the life of Jesus. He is preaching in someone’s home and the place is packed! No one else can get it is so crowded. There were four guys carrying a friend who was paralyzed on a mat. They couldn’t get through the crowd so they carry him up to the roof and dig through it, while Jesus is preaching, and lower the paralyzed man in front of Jesus and everyone. Jesus heals the man and then an interesting conversation ensues. What kind of friends were these four guys? They knew in order to help their friend they needed to get him to Jesus no matter the cost! They all had faith in Jesus that if they got him to Jesus, He could heal him. Would you like friends like that? Those who know our greatest need is Jesus and will do all they can to help us Come, Grow, Live and Talk about Jesus!

For Today: Ask yourself, “Am I this type of friend to others?”

Thursday: Jesus and the Paralyzed Man (part 2)

Mark 2:1-12

How would you answer the question, “What was the paralyzed man’s greatest need?” How many would say to be healed so he can walk? Jesus begins with a striking statement. He says, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Jesus knows that this would cause a stir among the crowd. By this statement Jesus is claiming He is God. Jesus knows what everyone is thinking to themselves that this is blasphemy. He then says so everyone will know that He is God and that He has the authority to forgive sins, He heals the man. The healing is something that only God could do. This all comes back to the question, “what was the paralyzed man’s greatest need?” What is our greatest need? The answer is for our sins to be forgiven! That was the paralyzed man’s and is our greatest need.

For Today: Ask yourself, “Have I asked Jesus to forgive me of all my sin?”

Friday: Jesus Heals in Response to Faith

Mark 5:21-34

A woman who had a bleeding issue tried to get better by seeing many doctors of her day. In fact she gets worse. Her only hope she thought was to touch the robe of Jesus. If she did this she would be healed. As Jesus was walking to heal another man’s daughter, there was a crowd pressing around Him. When she touched Him, He knew healing power went out and the woman knew she was healed. Jesus asks “Who touched me?” The woman is terrified that maybe Jesus would be mad, maybe since she didn’t ask He may take it away. She doesn’t want to come forward and reveal it was her. She does and Jesus’ response is amazing. He calls her “daughter.” This is a term of endearment. It’s very likely she hasn’t heard this in a long time since she would’ve been considered unclean and not able to be in social gatherings. Jesus took the time to let her know He cared about her. Jesus cares about us too.