Week 3: Wide Angle (4/2/14) • Element & Fusion

Picture Perfect

No matter where you go or what you do with your life, your family will always be a part of it. Whether it’s through past memories or current gatherings, your family and how you relate to each other will affect you. While you will be independent and able to make your own decisions someday, your family will always play some sort of role in your life. The seeds you sow now for harmony, understanding and wholeness can go a long way towards the future growth of healthy family relationships.

Main Point: You are called to pursue peace and harmony in your family to the best of your ability.

Scripture References: Romans 12:16, 18

  1. What is your definition of “harmony”? Do you think it’s important to have harmony in a family?
  2. What are some good qualities about each member of our family?
  3. Do you believe that our relationship can be better than it is now? What do you think will have to happen for that to be the case?