outfittersJuly 5:

  • Lesson Title: Extreme Sayings – Love Your Enemies
  • Scripture: Genesis 7:1-28, 45:4-5 – Joseph Loves His Brothers Anyway
  • Verse(s): John 15:12 (ESV)
  • Love  = to have strong and tender affection for
  • Guidemarker: I Will Love My Friends And My Enemies Too, This Is What He Wants Me To Do!

July 12:

  • Lesson Title: Extreme Sayings – Forgive Everyone
  • Scripture: Matthew 18:23-35 – The Person Who Couldn’t Forgive
  • Verse(s): Colossians 3:13a (CEV)
  • Forgiveness = the act of giving up and letting go of the anger against; to pardon
  • Guidemarker: No Matter What Is Done To Me, I Can Forgive And Let It Be!

July 19:

  • Lesson Title: Extreme Sayings – Let’s Move A Mountain
  • Scripture: Genesis 6:14-22 – Noah Builds A Boat
  • Verse(s): Hebrews 11:1 (CEV)
  • Faith = trust or confidence; belief in something
  • Guidemarker: It Takes Faith To Know I Can Do It, Nothing Is Impossible If I Stick To It.

July 26:

  • Lesson Title: Extreme Sayings – I Love Money
  • Scripture: Mark 10:17-22 – The Rich Man Who Loved Money
  • Verse(s): I Timothy 6:10a (CEV)
  • Priorities = highest or higher in importance
  • Guidemarker: I Will Love God More Than Stuff, Because I Know That He’s Enough.