Beginning the Week of September 18

Find a Group! Register online.

Our Launch

Community Groups are small groups of adults (generally about 12) that meet weekly in homes throughout the valley for community, outreach, and discipleship.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to live out the mission of Bible Center Church. Our people will live for Christ together by developing biblical relationships within the body.

Our Schedule

The fall session of our Community Groups will begin the week of September 18th and run until mid-November. These same groups will resume in February and run until spring.

Our Availability

Our Community Groups are available throughout the week. Feel free to choose a group that fits your schedule, location, and child situation.

Our Child-Friendly Approach

We have child-friendly Community Groups.

Get Connected!

Get connected with a Community Group by:

  1. Simply showing up if you were previously in a Community Group
    (beginning the week of September 18th).
  2. Registering online (groups with spaces available are listed below).
  3. Check out the Community Group table in the Gathering Space, starting on September 11th, for those groups accepting new members.
  4. Contacting Mike Graham at (304) 346-0431.