At the turn of the century, myriads of organizations published their “2020 Vision.” With a play on words, they outlined what they would do in the next 20 years. However, the world has drastically changed since then. At our current pace 20-, 10-, and even 5-year visions are obsolete.

With a spirit of humility and flexibility to the Holy Spirit, this series will cast vision for where we believe God is taking our church in the next 3 years. Please pray with us as we study 7 key New Testament texts and approach the future together with faith in God.

In 2020…

  • What will our teaching & preaching look like?  • October 2
  • What will be most important to us?  • October 16
  • How will our worship services feel?  • October 23
  • How will we make more disciples?  • October 30
  • How will we reach the next generation?  • November 13
  • How will we reach the nations in 2020 and beyond?   • November 20
  • How will we serve the Kanawha Valley?  • November 27

Two weeks will feature sermons outside of this series:

  • October 9 – Guest Speaker, Larry Bell (Walk Thru the Bible)
  • November 6 – How to Have a Great Election Day