We want to inform you about an upcoming sermon series we will be teaching our students. On February 1, the Student Ministry will address a 3-week series called “Exposed: Understanding Biblical Sexuality.” This series is intended to give students an overview of God’s plan for marriage, sex and dating.  Call or email Pastor Matt Garrison or Director Josh Willetts for more information or questions/concerns you may have.


February 1

  • God’s Plan for Marriage, Part 1
  • Topic: Marriage is instituted by God
  • Teachers: Matt Garrison (Fusion); Josh Willetts (Element)

February 8

  • God’s Plan for Marriage, Part 2
  • Topics: Marriage to be between one man and one woman (Homosexuality)
  • Teachers: Matt Garrison (Fusion); Josh Willetts (Element)

February 15

  • God’s Plan for Dating (Genders will be separated)
  • Topics: Purity, Pornography, Setting Boundaries, Forgiveness
  • Teachers: Tiffany Korth (Fusion Girls); Caleb Korth (Fusion Guys); Josh Willetts (Element Guys); Element Girls – TBA

Book Recommendations

The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide (by Dr. James C. Dobson)
God’s Design for Sex Series (by Stan Jones, Brenna Jones)
Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God. A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope (by Christopher Yuan, Angela Yuan, Kay Warren)
And the Bride Wore White (by Dannah Gresh)
What Are You Waiting For?: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex (by Dannah Gresh)