Visit the Holy Land! | February 11-21, 2020

Info Meeting | Sunday, October 20 | 4 PM | Room 3101/02

Sarah and I would love for you to join us in Israel for 10 days in February of 2020! This will be our first time there, and we’ll be soaking up the sights and sounds alongside you.

One of the biggest contributors to my coming to faith in Jesus—years ago—was seeing pictures and videos of where Jesus walked. “He was really born here! He really lived here! He really did miracles here! He really died, arose, and ascended here!” This joy eventually spilled over into saving faith. For the first time, Sarah and I will get to enjoy those sights along with you.

One of my heroes, Pastor Shawn Thornton, is leading the trip. As Senior Pastor at Bible Center from 1997-2008, his legacy continues in the hearts and lives of so many of us. Sarah is especially thrilled that his wife Lesli will be joining him.

Check out the details below, and make your reservations today. I would love to spend these 10 days in the Holy Land with you!


Pastor Matt Friend