Saturday, September 21 | 8 AM-4 PM

We are excited about opening up the Maker’s Center as soon as possible! We’re busy getting the building ready in order to hold classes and training that will impact individuals in our community for years to come.

If you’d like help with cleaning, painting, demo, and trash removal, let us know you’re coming (or just stop by!). You can drop by for an hour, or stay all day–whatever fits your schedule.

Supplies & Items Needed

Items needed for our Maker’s Center classrooms are now on an Amazon Wish List. Through offering training in technology, woodworking, floral design, and other areas, we hope to inspire local residents to imagine a brighter future.

You can view and purchase here.


To learn more about the Maker’s Center, visit our website.

Thank you for investing in lives and in the future of our city and state!

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