Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dear Bible Center family & friends,

How I miss our in-person gatherings! Lord willing, we’ll be back together sooner than later.

Today is Tuesday, May 5th, and we are just 5 days away from the launch of our new Exodus series, “Divergent: What in the world do we do now?” For the next 15 weekends, we’ll journey through the wilderness with God’s people.

The book of Exodus is filled with transition, uncertainty, and confusion for God’s people; therefore, I’m convinced it has much to say to us as we emerge from this pandemic. You’ll want to check out the “Current Series & Resources” page at BibleCenterchurch.com.

In preparation for the launch of our series this Sunday, May 10, Pastor Mike and I thought it best to do a 5-day overview of Genesis this week. How did the people of God find themselves in the position of needing an Exodus from Egypt? Genesis answers that question.

I pray this brief word of hope and Bible teaching strengthens you for whatever you might be facing today.

Preparing with you for the journey through Exodus,

Matt Friend
Senior Pastor