By Lee Walker | 1 of 4 in the Year-End Giving series

Charitable giving, including contributions to churches, is an American distinctive. In fact, Americans give far more to charities than other developed countries. $459 billion in 2019. Check out this chart:

In churches like Bible Center, people understand that giving is not only a blessing, it is a way to worship and show obedience to God.

And, by far, the largest giving month is December. And, for sure, one place where people consider giving is to their church. Rightly so.

Each year Bible Center provides a focus for those who plan extra gifts at the end of the year. Our congregation has been amazing in its generosity over the years and our budget assumes 2020 will be no exception, even while recognizing the effects of the pandemic.

Our giving goal for December 2020 is $850,000. This is three times the amount of a normal month but has proven to be about right in years past. These gifts will enable the church to continue all of the ministries that mean so much to our congregation and the community. Through various forms of communication during this season, Pastor Matt will be reminding us about what the church is accomplishing these days for God.

With all that in mind, may we offer you some Year-end Giving Tips:

1. Please be reminded there are four ways to give:

  • Online at Click on “Give” and then follow the prompts.
  • On the App. If you haven’t already downloaded the Bible Center App for your phone it is easy. Go to whatever app store you use and search for Bible Center Church. Once you have the app simply select “Give” at the bottom of the home screen and follow the prompts.
  • At church. You can drop your offering in either of the two black “Response Boxes” located in the lobby. The boxes are locked and the contents are removed, counted, and deposited frequently.
  • By mail. Send your check made out to Bible Center Church to 100 Bible Center Drive, Charleston, WV 25309.

2. Deadlines to know

For your gift to be counted in 2020…

  • if placed in the mail it must be postmarked by December 31.
  • if given online by credit card or direct bank transfer (ACH) you must initiate the transaction by December 31.
  • if placed in a response box at church you must drop it in by December 31.

3. Giving Tuesday

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday… did you know about Giving Tuesday? It is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is merely a way to emphasize charitable giving during the Holiday season. Across the country, various charities are spotlighted and you may receive other invitations to give on this designated day (this year, December 1). We invite you to consider the church as your target knowing we spread the Gospel and good works in our community 365 days each year. You can use any of the giving options above to make your gift on that day.

4. First-timers

Perhaps giving to the church has not been a part of your routine. Now would be a great time to start. Jesus said it is more blessed to give than receive. You know it’s true. A blessing awaits.

5. Get help

Would you like to know about creative ways to give, or tax implications of your gifts, or how to get the most bang for your contribution? Our Senior Development Officer, Lee Walker, can help. You can contact him at or 304-346-0431. Questions welcomed!

Lee Walker is a graduate of Appalachian Bible College and has an MBA from Marshall University.  He previously served for 29 years at ABC, working mainly in administrative areas including Development and Business.  For 16 years he was Executive Vice-President of the College.  Pastor Walker began his service at Bible Center in 1998 and served as Executive Pastor until 2017.  He is married to Marty, has two children, three step-children and 17 grandchildren.