Mother’s Day (May 9) will follow the model we recently used for Christmas and Easter with all weekend services—including Thursday night, May 6—being identical.

  • Thursday | 7 PM | On Campus
  • Sunday | 8:45 AM | On Campus, Online
  • Sunday | 10:00 AM | On Campus, Online, On TV
  • Sunday | 11:15 AM | On Campus, Online

Our new weekend service schedule will fully kick off the weekend of May 16 with the usual Multigenerational and Modern worship styles.

  • Thursdays | 7 PM | On Campus
  • Sundays | 8:45 AM | On Campus, Online (Multigenerational style)
  • Sundays | 10:00 AM | On Campus, Online, On TV
  • Sundays | 11:15 AM | On Campus, Online


What about kids and students?

Check out the full schedule here.


Why the new schedule?

#1 – A Welcoming Worship Center

On April 15, our Elders (board members) encouraged us to remember that crowded rooms are not the attraction they once were. As we emerge from the pandemic, people seem more comfortable in smaller environments.

#2 – An Inviting Classroom Space for Adults & Kids

Making this decision will help us lower our numbers in these spaces as well.

#3 – A Greater Sense of Safety

Though we believe God has allowed us to do a good job keeping people safe, it’s equally important that people feel safe as we emerge from this pandemic.

#4 – More Connection and Engagement

We believe a third Sunday service will allow us to welcome more people to both our services and Sunday groups, to better connect with guests, and to help people take their next step in making disciples… Jesus’ Great Commission to us.

#5 – Seizing the Moment

As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re entering what seems to be one of the most catalytic seasons in our lifetime. Let’s be faithful stewards of this opportunity!


More about the decision and the process that got us there…