Mike Graham - January 11, 2019

Praying with Purpose & Perspective

Praying with Purpose & Perspective

From Series: "Praying with Purpose & Perspective"

Core Class #3 | January 11, 2019 Taught by Mike Graham // Bible Center Church --- Studying prayer is like studying a mountain. It is helpful to stand at a distance and philosophically observe its size, shape, and features. Potential difficulties and dangers can be assessed, debated, and studied. This knowledge is useful, but will not satisfy the one who wants to touch the rocks, climb the walls, and see the world from on top of the mountain. At times, we need to step back and look at prayer from a big-picture point of view. At other times, we must grab our pick ax and approach the mountain. In this study, we will do both. We will scan the mountain from a distance and go up close, look at its features, and feel the wind on our face as we climb. We have much to learn from those who have climbed this mountain before us. Throughout our study, there are numerous thoughts and quotes from saints who have climbed with vigor and passion and have left a roadmap of their journey and a journal of their experiences. All of us need to work on our prayer life. All of us need to make sure that our lifeline is untangled, free of debris, and fully connected to the Lord. Join me in exploring God’s Word on the subject of prayer.

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