Matt Friend - March 25, 2018

We Can Learn a Lot from a Donkey

Scripture References: Luke 19:25-44

From Series: "Furious Love"

How would you feel today if 1,000 more people instantly followed you on Facebook or Instagram? What if the CEO of your dream job called today with an offer to quadruple your salary? Have you ever been pursued by a lover or a friend? If not, is that your dream? Thankfully, God is pursing you with his relentless love! Nearly 100 years ago, G. K. Chesterton (one of England’s finest writers) referred to this as God’s “furious love.” God energetically, passionately, and vehemently wants a relationship with you through Jesus Christ. During this 3-week series, we’ll see Jesus’ unrelenting pursuit to go to the cross, forgive our sins, rise from the grave, and walk with us every day. Let’s be captivated by His furious love!

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