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December 2017

Christmas is a time for music! Whether you prefer Pentatonix, Michael Buble, George Frideric Handel, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, or Gwen Stefani… Christmas songs will fill your offices, your favorite stores, your supermarkets, and your radio stations. For a few short weeks, Christmas carols seem to unify the world.

Join us this December as we look at the first four Christmas carols in history. Mary, Simeon, Zechariah, and the Angels have left us four of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever written. Fill your travel mug with your favorite apple cider or eggnog, and bring a friend!

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Going Deeper

The King is coming! The Lord Jesus Christ has come and will come again. This is my hope, your hope, and the hope of the Church whom He purchased with His blood.

This Christmas devotional is designed to help us celebrate Jesus’ first coming and look forward to His second coming. Traditionally, this season has been called “Advent,” formed from a Latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival.”

This Christmas, may God help us remember, rejoice, watch and wait for Jesus, our highest treasure and greatest good!