Begins September 9 & 12

What is a family? What priorities does Jesus call His followers to have within our families? What’s a grace-based, gospel-centered marriage look like, and is it even possible? What about raising children and grandchildren in this grace and with this gospel? Thankfully God’s Word has the answers! We’ll look at ways to refresh and “renovate” our priorities and families.

Thankfully God’s Word has the answers! Join us for this 3-week miniseries as part of our larger Family Bundle initiative this fall!

Learn more: Visit the series page for schedule and resources.

About the Family Bundle Initiative:

“You win when you bundle!” That’s what the insurance and cable companies tell us. If that’s true with our finances, it’s even more true with our faith!

Convinced that healthy families are the backbone of a church on mission, this fall we are bundling family discipleship in a way everyone can use.

Join us for this 10-week series! Bring friends and other family members. Come prepared to take notes. Ask Jesus to give you “ears to hear” and a resolve to follow Him afresh and anew with your family!